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When Being A Dealer Is Challenging: Casino Tales

When Being A Dealer Is Challenging: Casino Tales

Casinos online slot game are places of intense excitement and fun. Walking there should also be the same, don’t you think? Well, not exactly. There are so many drawbacks to being a casino dealer. In this guide, I will be talking about some things that would make it very challenging to be a casino dealer. I am not saying there aren’t any pros. One of the biggest pros is that you could end up making hundreds of dollars just in tips in a single day. But, this guide is not about the pros. It is going to be about the challenges that you would face if you are a casino dealer.

For the first one that I would like to mention, you will actually have to be on your feet the whole time. While sitting is the new smoking, standing all day is something that is going to get tiresome. Some casinos actually offer the casino dealers chairs while dealing. Some casinos do not. You need to be okay with that. I personally think standing on your feet all day will help you maintain your weight. You will not even be trying to lose weight, but you will start feeling more energetic, and your body will not start storing fat because it isn’t possible, because you are using it up, while standing and working. This is more of a challenge for individuals who hate standing all the time. You will obviously get breaks. They are not going to treat you like animals. You will be able to take a break every hour or so. A typical lunch break is around one hour.


Keep in mind that this job can be mentally and physically tiring, because you will have to deal with individuals all day long. On a busy day in a casino, like a weekend, you will be dealing with hundreds or even thousands of customers. The players are not always kind and well mannered. You will have to deal with very rude and on kind individuals in a professional manner. If you make a mistake, they will never let you hear the end of it. Some customers can be extremely horrible. You are not allowed to yell at them and get angry at them. It could jeopardise your job. You have to deal with it in the most professional manner possible. If a customer gets too hard to deal with, you will have to call casino security, and they will take care of the rest.

Keep in mind that you are always under the watchful eyes of the casino. Every single inch of the casino is monitored by the thousands of cameras that are always on. You should always be on your best behaviour.

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